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worlds only hands free 100% concealed light source for your uniform shirt pocket !



QuiqLiteX Red/White Tactical (20 upto 75 lumens 4 modes)

Red/White L.E.D. configuration is designed for tactical light applications when your night vision needs to be preserved and your position needs to be concealed. The white L.E.D. is used for normal reading and writing when the amount of light output is not a concern. QuiqLiteX tactical activates at 20 lumens to help preserve your night vision. The white L.E.D.  can boost up to 75 lumens on demand with the push of the X boost button (located on the top of the product). QuiqLiteX is equipped with a 10 minute auto-off battery saving timer and
continuous Safety Strobe.Now includes QuiqFlare attachment, making you visible from
over 1.5 miles away!


  1. USB Rechargeable lithium battery

  2. 4 modes

  3. Super-Bright Dual LEDs

  4. 20-75 lumens

  5. Power boost X button

  6. Dual swith technology

  7. Independent LED acitvation

  8. Anti-glare visor

  9. 10 minute auto-off timer

  10. 160 degree adjustable light arm

  11. 360 Degree rotating removeable magnetic clip

  12. Weather resistant nylon housing

  13. Safety Strobe

  14. QuiqFlare attachment Now Included!


  1. 1st push activates single Red L.E.D. (10 minute auto-off timer).

  2. 2nd push within 2 seconds of 1st push turns off the red LED and turns on
    white L.E.D. (10 minute auto-off timer).

  3. 3rd push turns all L.E.D.s off.

Tactical Mode:

  1. If 2nd push is delayed past 2 seconds of 1st push, QuiqLiteX will auto shift into

  2. Tactical Mode turning off the Red LED without activating the White LED.

X Super Bright Mode:

  1. 1st push of X button located on the top of the product will increase brightness from
    20 up to 75 lumens(white LED)

  2. 2nd push will dim light back down to 20 lumens.

Strobe Function:

  1. Press & hold main power button down for 2 seconds to activate Safety Strobe
    (no auto-off timer).

  2. Press button again to turn off strobe.


Modes: 4
High Power white LED: White LED: 75 Lumens/5.0 hours
Low Power white: White LED: 20 Lumens/15 hours
Red LED: 20 Lumens/5.0 hours
Strobe: 75 lumens/5 hours
Length: 3 inches
Width: 0.90 inches
Weight w/batteries &Clip: 1.4 oz.
Battery: 1 QuiqLiteX lithium (included) Part#052042
Charge time: 2.5 hours or less
Housing: Nylon/Aluminum

Quiqlite-X : RED / WHITE LED

Quiqlite-X : RED / WHITE LED

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